Compound of 12 Cubes: 12B | S4xI / C2xI | μ3


I guess it was somewhere around 1995 that I derived this model from a Trapezoidal Icositretrahedron. I calculated the whole model algebraically by hand, including the pieces I needed to build a model of it. When I was done I had no clue what the model looked like, but I was pretty sure my calculations were right. It was quite an exciting experience to see the model slowly take shape while building. Quite different from modelling with the help of a PC.

I built two models. I was not so satisfied with the material I used for the first one, so I built this one afterwards. The first one I gave away to my friend Frits Göbel.

The whole model is a compound of 12 cubes with cube symmetry. I used four colours to indicate that the model consists of four of the same compounds of 3 cubes. It is a special form of 12B|S4xI|C2xI, where the model consists of 4x3|D12 as described in H.F.Verheyen's Symmetry Orbits.

The 3D model on the right flickers while it is being rotated. This is because two faces with different colours end up in one plane and due to small differences after rounding the floating point numbers in the depth buffer, the flickering occurs.



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