Compound of 12 Cubes

I guess it was somewhere around 1995 that I derived this model from the Trapezoidal Icositretrahedron, which is the dual of a Rhombicubocatahedron. I calculated the model by hand, including the pieces I needed to build a model of it. I built two models. I was not so satisfied with the material I used for the first one, so I built this one afterwards. The first one I gave away.

The whole model is a compound of 12 cubes with cube symmetry. I used four colours to indicate that the model consists of four of the same compounds of 3 cubes. It is a special form of 12B|S4xI|C2xI, where the model consists of 4x3|D12 as described in H.F.Verheyen's Symmetry Orbits.