Rigid Compound of 6 Cubes


This is the rigid compound of 6 cubes with cube symmetry. In H.F. Verheyen's book Symmetry Orbits it is identified by 12 | S4 x I / D2 x I.

After finishing a compound of 12 cubes I needed a small project that I could finish quickly before my wife was due in 2005. That became this small model (to get an idea about the size I put a pair of tweezers in the front). On the picture above you look more or less into an order 4-axis.

For the colouring I use three shades of blue. Each colour forms the same kind of compound of 2 cubes: 2 | D4 x I / D2 x I. Each shares an order 4 symmetry axis with an order 4 symmetry axis of the whole compound. Below the image on the right you can choose to investigate this sub-compound by selecting in the drop down list.

Follow the links to look into an order 2-axis or to look into an order 3-axis



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